HGH, which is short for human growth hormone, is one of the most popular illegal performance enhancing drugs out there. It has been called the fountain of youth by some, and it really can have a dramatic effect on your body. It can help you to build more muscle and retain the energy and vigor of your youth as you get older. Sounds like a great drug right?

Well the problem isn’t the fact that it can provide positive results, the problem is the same problem that is present in other types of illegal performance enhancing drugs. That problem is that the side effects of HGH can be quite severe and even life threatening. So what you have to do is decide if using HGH to get its benefits is really worth putting your long term health at risk.

HGH Side Effects

HGH has been known to cause high cholesterol, carpal tunnel syndrome, swelling due to fluid retention, and nerve, muscle, and joint pain. On top of that since it is a growth hormone it can also dramatically increase the growth rate of any cancerous tumors that you may have and not know about. Those are some pretty significant side effects, and they should give any rational person pause before they consider using this dangerous drug.

On top of these side effects you also have to be concerned with how you can even get your hands on HGH. Since it is illegal you will have to either find a doctor willing to bend the law to get you a prescription, or you will have to turn to a personal dealer or a website to acquire it. None of these are good options, and the potential risks involved should further illustrate why using HGH is a bad idea.

Is There An Alternative To HGH?

The good news is that there is a way you can get all of the benefits of HGH without having to worry about any legal or health problems, and that way is by using HGH-X2 from Crazy Bulk. HGH-X2 was specially formulated to mimic the effects of HGH by getting your body’s pituitary gland to naturally increase HGH production. So instead of introducing an artificial hormone into your body, which can be dangerous, your body will instead naturally increase your HGH levels. In other words you really do get the best of both worlds, you get the benefits of HGH with none of the risks.

Crazy Bulk Is The Right Choice To Make

If you are considering using HGH then do yourself a favor and try HGH-X2 first. You really have nothing to lose by doing this and it can help you to ensure that you don’t end up hurting your body while you are trying to improve it.

Crazy Bulk has a stellar reputation in the supplement industry because they are dedicated to providing products that not only work but also are safe to use. HGH has the potential to allow you to achieve the type of muscular development that you only dreamed of, but it also has the potential of costing you your life. Is the risk really worth the reward here? Of course it isn’t, that’s why you should use the safe and effective HGH-X2 instead.