Palumboism (GH Gut) is a rare medical condition that is characterized by abnormal muscle growth in some parts of the body, while other parts seem to shrink away at the same time. Palumboism is quite common amongst body builders, and it gets its name from Dave Palumbo, a re-known body builder who was famous for the many championships he took part in, as well as having suffered from this condition himself.

Signs & Symptoms of Palumboism/HGH Gut?

Palumboism-Gh-GutThe first sign of Palumboism is rapid growth or extension of the muscles around a person’s midsection. The muscles under the arms appear to have suddenly ballooned, while the rib cage has also started to extend. A person’s stomach also begins to distend, making one appear to be pregnant and as though they cannot manage to hold in their stomach.

While the midsection part of the body experiences this seemingly enormous growth, the limbs start to appear smaller, as if shrinking and disproportional to the rest of the body. The previously looking strong arms and legs begin to disappear into the extended midsection.

A person’s facial and cranial features will then begin to take a beating from all these sudden changes taking place. Thick folds of skin tissue begin to gather around the mouth. The muscles on either side of the nose also begin to thicken. Abnormal growth and extension will also be noted around the jaw and chin. The person suffering from this may seem to be ageing prematurely.

Left unchecked, these symptoms will continue to deteriorate to a point where the skin of the person suffering from Palumboism begins to harden, and looks shiny and glazed, as if it can crack anytime. The color of the skin also begins to change unevenly, looking like varying shades of gray and orange in different parts of the body. The skin will at this stage begin to look tired and ageing in an abnormal way. A person’s veins will also become distended, seeming to pop out abnormally.

There are no documented cases of Palumboism. Although due to the fact that the condition is seen to be common amongst most body builders, it is highly suspected that heavy reliance on muscle building substance, and probable overdose of the same might be a cause. One can also not rule out a person’s genetic disposition. The over reliance on muscle building drugs may, in the long run distort the body’s natural cell generation process, resulting in abnormal cell growth.

GH Gut Treatment

As there are no confirmed cases of Palumboism (GH Gut), there are no treatment methods specifically recommended for the condition. It is, however, imperative that one takes utmost care of themselves to avoid Palumboism. One way of doing this is ensuring that one does not rely heavily, or overdose on substances or drugs meant to enhance muscle growth. It is also good to know that as one progresses in age, the muscles in the body begin to wear out and heavy usage of muscle generating substances may confuse the endocrine system, resulting in Palumboism.

How To Build Muscles without Risking HGH Gut

HGH for Sale by Crazy BulkIt is recommended that one performs a regular medical check up to determine what method to use to build muscles, as this entirely depends on one’s body type and health condition. A product method or product that works for one person might not necessarily work for another. Once you have determined what your body needs are, it is crucial that you select trusted muscle enhancement products, commonly known as HGH (Human Growth Hormone).

One such that comes highly recommended is Crazy Bulk HGH-X2. It is safe to use and gives maximum results when combined with a good diet and exercise program. Make sure you stick to the recommended dosage for your body type. Any substance or exercise regimen can do more harm than good if abused or instructions not followed. Also keep to the recommended usage periods and stop once you have achieved your desired, healthy muscles.

It is also important to minimize and eventually stop the use of muscle enhancement products and extensive exercising should you notice any of the above signs of Palumboism. This will go a long way in ensuring further growth of abnormal muscles is reduced and future health complications averted in good time.

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